Advantages of Pueraria Mirifica

The scientific name of White Kwao Krua is Pueraria candollei var. Mirifica (Airy Shaw & Suvat.) Niyomdham, is the same family of legumes. There are many Thai names of Pueraria mirifica such as  Kwao, Kwao Hua, Kwao Krua, Krua Kao, Jarn Krua, Tarn Krua, Thong  Krua, Thong Kwao, Jom Thong, Tarn Jom Thong, Pho Ton, Pho Ta Ku and so forth. Pueraria Mirifica is a beneficial herb for women, and it stimulates the female hormones, firms breasts. Men can take it as well and will help to rejuvenate the body, so people considered it as an elixir.

Pueraria Mirifica plant, according to the announcement made by the Ministry of Public Health (Thailand), was classified as one type of medicine under vitalize recipes and is allowed to be registered as traditional medicine and a must kept household medicine. So it can be eaten without a prescription from the doctor, but Pueraria Mirifica must be taken at the right amount and do not take while menstruating.

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria mirifica is a leguminous plant, with its tuber under the soil.  Pueraria Mirifica plant grows naturally at mixed forests at the area of ​​the highland forest, which is 250 meters high to 800 meters above sea level. Pueraria mirifica is a twining vine or climbing plant found in Thailand, it is of medium size, the vines are roughly around 5 meters long, and its tubers are the storage or as a food reserve of all the nutrition. The tuber is round and long in shape, and there are also smaller tubers connected. When it is cut open, a white rubbery milk-like substance will secrete. The inside of the Pueraria Mirifica will be white in color and brittle but full of nutritious fibers.

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Outstanding Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract

Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract is an alternative supplement for both women and men who want to enhance their healthiness and youthfulness. Due to its high Phytoestrogens and nutrients, you can see the improvement on your body within a short time. You can easily add this supplement to your daily regimen. Instead of trying to swallow the capsule, Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract is a better choice which can be mixed with anything such as drinks, cereal or even with your meals. This will allow you to consume the Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract easier which is more proper for your daily intake. The outstanding benefits of Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract are:

  • Rejuvenation and good health

Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract is high in nutrients and Phytoestrogens which are beneficial for both of men and women health. It is a recommended health supplement for both young and old people. Ones with menopausal symptoms can rely on it as a natural hormone replacement. Problems with hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue and depression will be relieved. Moreover, it also has an effect on bone health by stimulating the calcium production and prolonging its storage. This will reduce risks on osteoporosis and bone diseases which normally occur with the elder due to the loss of calcium. The herb improves body system by allowing it to function better and slowing down the aging process.

  • Skin care       

As estrogen levels have a large effect on skin health and complexion, daily usage of Pueraria Mirifica products are recommended nourishment to prolong the youthfulness. This herb is known well as a fountain of youthfulness among Asian people. Not only stimulating the skin firmness, it also promotes elasticity for tighter and supplier skin. After using Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract, you will notice the improvement on your skin conditions and skin tone. Skin problems like skin dryness, loose skin, rashes, uneven skin tone and sagginess will gradually fade away. For some people, skin conditions may not necessary matter to concern, however, bad skin health can actually make you look older than your real age. So, make sure to take care of your skin health by using Pueraria Mirifica products every day.

  • Anti-wrinkling

Normally, aging signs like wrinkles, dark spots, laugh lines and droopy eyelids are caused by the reduction of estrogen levels and elastin. Because Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract contains high Phytoestrogens like miroestro, puerarin or dizein which are hormones like natural estrogens in human body, it can help rejuvenate your appearance. It is a natural anti-wrinkling item you should not miss. With the ability to strengthen and firm up skin cells of Pueraria Mirifica, these aging signs will gradually disappear. Therefore, daily usage of Pueraria Mirifica products can make you become young once again. Also, your skin will be healthier and more radiant, making you look more attractive than ever.

  • Breast enhancement

One of the well-known benefits of Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract among women and transgenders nowadays is breast enhancement. Because of the high estrogenic compounds it has, this herb can help firm up the breast volume and promote the breast growth. Continual usage of this herb will give you the sexy cleavage, bigger breasts and more beautiful breast appearance you have dreamed of. So, you don’t have to feel embarrassed with the tiny sagging breasts anymore. It is a top natural breast enlarging item that is surely worth to try. Instead of harming yourself and paying a lot with the breast implants, you can rely on Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract for natural breast enhancement. You will be able to show out your confidence with more beautiful breast look.

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Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract

Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract is an alternative supplement for both women and men who want to enhance their healthiness and youthfulness. Due to its high Phytoestrogens and nutrients, you can see the improvement on your body within a short time. You can easily add this supplement to your daily regimen. Instead of trying to swallow the capsule, Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract is a better choice which can be mixed with anything such as drinks, cereal or even with your meals. This will allow you to consume the Pueraria Mirifica easier which is more proper for your daily intake.

1. Alternative hormone replacement therapy:

Many menopausal women experience problems with their health conditions and emotional changes due to the drop of estrogen levels. This kind of hormone has a big role on body system and emotional stability. When it becomes low, women can face menopausal symptoms such as skin dryness, white hair, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats and mood swings. For some women, these symptoms normally occur and gradually disappear, while others may find that menopausal symptoms are annoying and choose to rely on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a solution. However, the therapy comes with various side effects, so people should spend time learning on this method before trying it.

2. Health care:

Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract is a recommended food supplement for both of women and men health. Apart from the feature with hormone replacement, it can boost up the body system. For a long time, people in Asia have used Pueraria Mirifica to regain their youthful vitality. As previously mentioned that this herb is high in nutrients and natural estrogenic compounds called “Phytoestrogens”, it is surely a superb ingredient for health supplements. Moreover, this powder is also a great item for weight loss purpose by reducing the appetite. It promotes blood circulation and allows the internal organs to function better. Another amazing benefit of this powder is strengthening the bones. As estrogens has a large effect on bone health, daily intake of Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract can help support the bone strength. Your bones will be able to store calcium and vitamins more which help prevent risks on developing osteoporosis. Many researches also suggest that the consumption of this plant can help increase the memory by supporting the brain functions. This is one reason why Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract is a recommended daily health supplement for both of young and old people.

3. Breast care:

Breast appearance is an important matter for women as it has a large effect on their confidence. Having big beautiful breast curves are what many women dream about as it makes them feel attractive and sexy. The bigger breasts they have, the more confident they are. Therefore, many women end up with the breast surgery to gain the dreamed breast size even though they know that it comes with terrible pain and dangerous side effects. One big problem of doing the breast implant is its unnatural look which may make you feel disappointed with the result.

4. Hair care:

Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract contains high nutrients which is beneficial for your hair health. Ones who suffer from hair fall or hair breakage can take Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract as a solution. Both men and women can try this natural way to help bring back confidence with their hair. Because main causes of bad hair health are lack of nutrients and low estrogen levels, you should make sure to take some supplements like Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract to nourish your hair and scalp. This powder is also known to help slow the hair graying process, so you will look younger than before. 50 mg. of Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract per day will make your hair healthier and look more beautiful.

5. Skin care:

A natural food supplement like Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract is one item you should not miss for your healthy skin. It is said that Pueraria Mirifica is a fountain of youthfulness. This myth has a reason to support because this herb loaded with miroestrol compounds and phytochemicals that can help slow the aging process. It also stimulates the production of collagen which is the key for cell regeneration. With this feature, your skin tone will be brighter and look more youthful. Problems with wrinkles and aging signs will no longer bother you. By taking the powder every day, you will feel the improvement on your skin conditions.

6. Vagina care:

Low estrogen levels can cause vagina dryness and pain during the intercourse which are annoying problems for many women which can affect a lot on the relationship intimacy and self-confidence. However, these vagina issues can be healed with Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract. The powder has the ability to boost collagen production and increase moisture at the vagina. By taking the powder every day, your vagina conditions will gradually improve, making you feel more comfortable. The vagina walls and pelvic muscles will be tighter due to the increasing of fibers, stimulated by Pueraria Mirifica. Also, it helps promote the lubrication release which offer better sensation during the intercourse and keeps the PH balanced.

7. Libido booster:

Pueraria Mirifica can help increase women’s sex drive naturally. It is an alternative remedy for ones who suffer from low libido due to the decreasing of hormones as they get older. Unlike prescribed medicines, Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract has no side effects and is safe for a long-term usage. The powder is a great source of estrogens which can help balance your hormone levels and increase your interest on sexual activities. Some people might never realize about this before, but libido is actually a necessary matter for relationship intimacy. Therefore, you should make sure to maintain your hormone levels to prevent relationship issues. This supplement is also good for couples who expect for a baby as it helps get women health ready for conceiving.

8. Cosmetics:

For centuries, Pueraria Mirifica has been used in various beauty products to enhance rejuvenating features and product properties. Three are many types of Pueraria Mirifica products in the markets nowadays for specific needs such as cream, serum, spray or mask, however, Pueraria Mirifica Powder Extract in form of natural food supplement is the most famous product for both women and men. Apart from the benefits on health care, this powder also helps rejuvenate the appearance of overall body and promote a youthful look.

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Usage of Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract

Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract

Today, the demand for Pueraria Mirifica products from overseas markets increased much higher than before due to its wide-spread amazing properties for health care and rejuvenation. Therefore, many forms of Pueraria Mirifica are produced for different needs. Apart from the powder type, Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract is another type that manufactures around the world prefer, especially for the cosmetics and body care. Because it can be mixed with other ingredients easily to make liquid products like gel, cream, serum, spray, mask, or lotion. However, the most popular product that contains Pueraria Mirifica liquid is breast enlargement cream.

Breast Enhancement Cream

Because Pueraria Mirifica is high in Phytoestrogens and nutrients which are necessary for the breast growth, it is a superb natural ingredient for producing breast enhancing cream. The Phytoestrogens such as puerarin, daidzin, daidzein, genistin, genistein and miroestrol in this herb will work like natural estrogens in women body which are responsible for health conditions and rejuvenation. These estrogenic compounds will stimulate the breast tissue growth and promote beautiful breast appearance many women aspire. Instead of getting yourself at risk with the breast implants, women can naturally enhance their breast size by massaging their breasts regularly with the breast enhancement cream. Just 5-10% of the Pueraria Mirifica liquid extract is enough for producing the breast enhancement cream following your own formula.

Facial Care Products

Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract is also suitable for making facial care products due to its ability on anti-aging. These types of products will focus on nourishing facial skin and promote a youthful look such as day cream, night cream, facial mask, eye gel and facial serum. Many manufactures around the world tend to be fascinated in this amazing ingredient more due to its rejuvenating properties. For cosmetic manufacturing, the recommended usage of the liquid is around 2 – 4%.

Vagina Care Products

Many people may not know about this property before, but Pueraria Mirifica also has the ability to moisten the vagina walls and firm up its tissues to prevent problems with vagina dryness or pain during the intercourse. Therefore, it is a perfect ingredient for making vagina care products like vagina serum. This product is actually necessary for women, especially the menopausal women who suffer from vagina dryness and loose vagina due to the lack of estrogen levels. By mixing 1% of Pueraria Mirifica liquid extract with other ingredients following your own formula, you will get an effective vagina care product.

Nowadays, there are researches and developments on the Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract to be edible. This will allow the manufactures to use it as an ingredient for producing beverages and daily liquid supplement for health care. In the near future, people will be able to drink this liquid directly for promoting their healthiness. Thus, Pueraria Mirifia liquid extract is a high-quality ingredient with high properties for manufacturing purposes.

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